01. The house was decorated for Christmas with lovely handmade [ornaments].
02. The Aztec Indians used popcorn as decoration for ceremonial headdresses, necklaces, and [ornaments] on statues of their gods.
03. The teacup is purely [ornamental]. It is much too valuable for us to actually drink from.
04. We bought a lovely little [ornamental] lemon tree. It doesn't produce any fruit but it smells lovely.
05. Their yard is full of funny little garden [ornaments]; stone elves, fairies and dwarves.
06. The school Christmas tree was decorated with [ornaments] the children had made in art class.
07. The Princess wore a simple dress with little [ornamentation] for the grand ball at the castle.
08. Plastic flamingoes are perhaps the most popular lawn [ornament] in the United States.
09. The shelves were covered in knick-knacks and [ornaments] collected during her travels around the world.
10. The chief of the natives wore [ornaments] of shell and precious stones.
11. The dome of the mosque was [ornamented] with patterns of flowers.
12. Every year, our family gets together to put the [ornaments] on the Christmas tree at my parents' place.
13. A Brazilian proverb notes that in the house of a blacksmith, the [ornaments] are made of wood.
14. Queen Elizabeth II has a silver hood [ornament] of St. George (the patron saint of England) slaying the dragon placed on any car in which she is travelling.
15. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that the [ornament] of a house is the friends who frequent it.

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